From Hell

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Yes things have gone to Hell.   Axe Cop remains unpredictable and Kailey continues to rock the colors!

In case you missed it, there is one day left to bid on the chance to be in the new Axe Cop miniseries.  If you win, you might get to be a super hero, a bystander, a zombie from hell… whatever it is you will be part of Axe Cop history and you will be helping out an artist whose car battery just died.  Life!


I've also posted another Axe Cop piece for auction!


I'm excited because the first writer's room meeting for the Axe Cop TV series is this week.  I really can't say anything else, in fact maybe I wasn't supposed to say that, but there it is!  It will be interesting converting all the existing material into a show.  Everyone involved LOVES to comic and I'm interested to see how it all goes down.  this is my first writer's room experience.  


This story will probably end in another 3-5 pages.  From there things could get even more sparse here online as the show makes me more busy, but we will see what I can handle. I want to tackle some more Ask Axe Cops.  My goal is to at least do 100 of them total.  I need to get back on the phone with Malachai!



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