Scott Kurtz guest episode!

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My pal Scott Kurtz over at PVP returned the favor after I did a week of guest strips for him featuring Axe Cop and LOLbat.  He decided to do this episode in the more traditional web comic genre, brooding/autobiographical.  That was a joke, this made me laugh.  Please visit PVP, I'm honored to have one of the web's great cartoonists do an Axe Cop episode. 

Also, in another attempt to make a little money on the side I've posted another original piece on eBay.  Hey, Axe Cop is getting a TV show so perhaps this will be a good investment.  Spend all your kids' colege money on it:


Also, I did a little interview over at the Daily BLAM! about the coming FOX series.  I don't know a whole lot right now, and am sworn to secrecy on a lot of other stuff, but I gave my best first exclusive interview on the topic to the always faithful Keven Skinner.


Alright… hopefully next week we get on with this DOGS story.  I remain way too behind.



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