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Friends!! i apologize that this posted late, I have honestly been working on it all day amidst many, many interruptions.  That's just life right now with all the wedding planning and everything else going on.  Like this Kickstarter project for the Axe Cop Documentary:




Some people seem to think that this is my movie that I am making about myself.  This is a movie that I am in, and i am supporting, but it is not mine.  I did not decide to start making it.  That was all the choice of the film maker.  I give it my full support and I think that is is a cool story, as well as an interesting look at family, imagination and comics as well as the story of Axe Cop.  I'm excited for it.  Please check it out.  I talked them into adding options for a Blu-Ray since it launched, so if you were looking for something like that, it is now there.  To be a backer, go to the Kickstarter page and make your pledge!


Also, I posted both of these last week, but it was not on an update day and I want to make sure everyon sees them. This is the preview for the new animated comics that will be released by Rug Burn.  They involve some of the original cast of the motion comics and are being produced in mass quantities, so rather than getting one new episode every 4 to 6 months, you will be getting a new episode every week!  It's going to be so awesome.  There will be a little bit of new art in these, but they will be straight from the comics.  Unlike the FOX show, which will be rewritten versions based on stories, these animated comics will be the comics you have read brought to life. If you like what you see, please subscribe to Rugburn and stay tuned for more!  



Please share these links!  The success of good stuff on the internet is determined by those who choose to click the “share” button.  Thanks in advance!  


Also, I really liked today's episode.  It was pretty complex.  I love the body part mining aliens.  So creepy and weird, but in a place called “Badville” it makes perfect sense.  Also, I love Officer Lightning and Sergeant McQueen.  I think I subconciously based Officer Lightning on Andy Wainwright from Hot Fuzz and Sergeant McQueen on Hank from Breaking Bad.  I really hope we get to see more of those characters, and if there is ever an Axe Cop movie, we already have some casting covered.


Well, I need to sleep a little and then get the new Bearmagedon page posted as well.  Thanks for reading!



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