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I apologize that you don't have a new episode this week, but I am going to have to use the rest of the time before the 22nd to prepare for Axe Cop's new storyline.  I also have a lot of work to do preparing for my own wedding.  I pretty much just have a lot of work to do in general.  Also, I did this Axe Cop and Flute Cop walnut ink painting and it has less than two days left to bid.


I know some people want to know if this Axe Cop gets Married story will be “canon” and not some gimmick marriage.  No, this is a real Axe Cop story and it really is about Axe Cop looking for a wife.  It has all the stuff you usually get in an Axe Cop book, but it also has Axe Cop's way of approaching things like proposing, how to plan a wedding, etc.  It also involves him becoming an adoptive father.  It may even be more accurate to call this one “Axe Cop Gets a Family”.  


Thanks for all the support as I've posted new comics with Malachai and continued to create more Axe Cop here on this little web site I never would become what it has.  FOX officially announced the  air date for the TV series and the cast of voice actors we've got so far! It's pretty amazing.  Read for yourself

I may post some updates or guest episodes before the 22nd, but if not I'll see you back here then. 




P.S. Don't miss episode #4 of Axe Cop now on Rugburn!



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