Now with the aliens

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This story takes is to a new environment with new characters every page.  That is why just to do these few pages I had to do a lot of preparatory character designs.  This is what my current work space looks like:


There are kind of little spolers in there, but they are blurry and so obvious anyway.  As you can see I have my various Bearmageddon character designs, a bear skeleton and my inspirational photo of me and my love along with my four pages of character designs for Axe Cop Gets Married.  This stuff will all be in the Wedding Sketchbook exclusivley available ONLY through my wedding fund raising campaign over at  Please go check it out, if you buy Axe Cop a gift in the registry, you can get this book with a sketch and lots of other stuff.  You can even be in this comic as a character, or request a sketch for the sketchbook and get the original mailed to you.  Thanks to everyone who has already made purchases.  Please let me know if you feel like there is something you would like me to offer that you don't see on the site!  


Please enjoy the latest Rugburn animated Axe Cop comic for your viewing enjoyment!



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