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Apologies for no new page update on tuesday!  Kailey, my highly dependable and skilled colorist had an emergency in her life and could not finish the page.  I appreciate the time she puts in coloring these pages, but you never know what life will throw at you.  


In case you have not been keeping up witht he Facebook or Twitter accounts, or the blog over at, I have been working in this new screen print for about an hour a day and posting my progress. (click to enlarge)

If you see a character missing you can make a recommendation in the comments section of the wedding blog.  If you want to order this print (it will only be available to order through the wedding campaign) you can buy any package in the registry that includes the print (it is also under mix/match in any package).  We are less than 60 days from my wedding and some pretty big bills are on the horizon.  I need to sell a good amount more stuff if we are going to pull this off.  We don't have anythin for the honeymoon yet.  Thanks so mcuch to everyone who has ordered.


Also, FOX ADHD has been posting some art from the TV show, due out July 27th.  Check it out!


Bat Warthog Man voiced by Vincent Kartheiser of Mad Men



Axe Cop about to turn into AXE COP FIRE:


Sockarang, voiced by Patton Oswalt:


And Flute Cop voiced by the hilarious Ken Marino:


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