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Alright, this is your cliffhanger.  Axe Cop has just dumped Axe Girl, so how is he ever going to get married now?  That is an important question, but consider it is less then two weeks away from my own wedding, the more important question for me is how am I going to keep posting pages during this time I will be surrounded by family,, finalizing wedding plans and going on a honeymoon?  Answer:  I can not.  So I have some guest epsiodes that have already been submitted that I will post on Tuesdays during the month of May.  If you would like to contriute a guest epsidoe just email it to me at  If I have enough content I will post somethng new every tuesday.  If I get extra I will post Fridays as well.


Also, this will be the last month of the AxeCopWedding campaign.  At the end of May I will begin to fulfill the orders, create the sketchbook and do all the things you asked for when you ordered your registry items.  This is your last chance to get yourself a copy of the sketchbook and the excludive print only for wedding backers.  I look forward to continuing this story.  Next time I do, I will be a married man.  Thanks for keeping up with this story, and thanks for giving me a month off!



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