Malachai is 10!

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OK, I admit that this is really late.  Malachai turned 10 on March 6th.  That means Axe Cop will have been around for 5 years by next Christmas.  I was out of town on his birthday, and I did not have anything to post with Revenge on Rainbow Girl having taken over these last couple months.  I sent him his gifts, talked to him, all that stuff, but I didn’t post.  Usually I post.  Finally I thought, man I really should post.

Devoted Axe Cop fan Blake Roten sent me this home-made birthday card for Malachai and I decided I needed to post it:


We are currently in the middle of another mini-series, the American Choppers.  I think that, with the 10 year old milestone, and the amount of content we have created in the last 4+ years, that we may be exploring some new avenues after this miniseries is done.  Malachai can write now.  He can type, and he can sort his thoughts out much better than he could at age 10.  He is still intensely creative and we always have fun coming up with new material, but I think that, now that he’s done some growing up, I am going to see if I can get him to write out an outline.  See if he has it in him to really “write”.  I think, as he has aged, that it might be fun for us to be a writing team.

Sure this may change the flavor of Axe Cop.  And who knows, maybe we will do something else, maybe we will just take a break.  I want to try something new though.  I don’t want Malachai to think writing is as easy as answering questions.   I want him to start learning why I ask the questions I do, and why I sort the answers out the way I do.  I think he is ready.  One thing I would really like to do at some point?  A Liborg comic.  I love Liborg (though admittedly I do not see him having the personality they gave him in the TV show.)

I have a lot of ideas, and none of them are final.

For now, wish Malachai a happy belated birthday.  Axe Cop is growing up!  Thanks for being  a part of something huge for both of us.

Happy birthday little brother!  I love creating with you and I hope we never stop.


12 thoughts on “Malachai is 10!

  1. I like to say that a Liborg comic would be awesome, because I’m pretty sure Liborg is the most superfluously awesome concept I have ever seen. Whenever I have to introduce someone to this wonderful comic, I always show them Liborg’s story arc first.

  2. thank you so much for posting my Fan Art/Birthday Card on your blog ethan, I admit I made Malachai’s hair a bit G***y but I’ve done the best I could to capture his look on Axe Cop funny episode page #1, but y’know I think it would’ve been cute ‘N’ awesome if you drew you brother a furry pic of Axe Cop and/or the two of you in there next time, speaking of B-day cards, I had just posted an Ask Axe Cop question as a contact type and I’m still waiting to find out what kind of anthropomorphic animal Axe Cop would be if he were a mutant in his webcomic world, or some cartoony furry in a some alternate furry world drawn in your style, cause the answers your brother writes is always surprising and unexpected, so… I’ll do my best to wait for… the unexpected, …Please ask your little bro to answer my AAC furry question! sigh I wish this site had emoticons like what other social networks got on DevianArt, or on Bittersweet Candy Bowl, y’know?

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Malachai! I just found out about Axe Cop yesterday. I love it! Great work guys and I’m glad I was able to become a part of your creation, sharing it with everyone I know!

  4. how do you guys manage to make slitapsck content on such facially realistic characters? cause the only characters that were ever capable of slitapsck expressions over the years were stick figure-characters and squash N’ stretch-characters, but in axe cop, you give realistically drawn characters some slitapsck expression, how do you two do it?

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