Ask Axe Cop is Returning!

It’s true, the return of Axe Cop approaches. A new story begins on the 26th, but along with that, new Ask Axe Cop episodes will be coming out every Monday starting on the 30th. I’m pretty excited about this because I have always really loved Ask Axe Cop. I love the format and the bite-sized nature, and I love getting to dig into Axe Cop’s head at random.

So send your questions in to and we will start sifting through them. Some of you who asked years ago could be pleasantly surprised as the new strips are released, I went through and dug up a bunch of old unanswered questions to kick things off.

Keep up to date here and on the Facebook page where I have been going live and giving out signed books and artwork. I also hope to have Malachai on to do some live Ask Axe Cop answers. We usually go live on Thursdays in the afternoon (pacific time).  Also, Patreon members get private video feeds, tutorials on drawing and writing, and will be getting the new Axe Cop comics released to them a week early.



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