Read Axe Cop Before Your Friends!

Did you know there is new Axe Cop material out? Crazy huh. You didn’t even know. It’s like a secret attack.

Well, people who join my Patreon subscription get bonus blogs every week, videos, downloads, secret Facebook group, huge discounts and early item release, and they get my content a week early. So the new first page of the new Axe Cop comic AND the new Ask Axe Cop are up! All you need is $2/month to see the story page, or $5/month to see both.,

Go to and click on “posts” to check out what is being posted. Try it for a month, I bet you’ll like it!

If you’re just too poor, hey, the new story posts its first page on Thursday and Ask Axe Cop next Monday, so see you then.


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