I’m excited to tell you that the time has finally come for Season 2 to air.  It has been a long time, and for a while there I wondered if it would really happen, but here we are!  Check out this awesome trailer to get a taste of what is in store:

There’s so much I want to say about this season but it is better just to let you be surprised.  I really do think these episodes are better than the first season.  I think they hit there stride with these ones and I was happy to be part of it, as was Malachai.  I wrote one of the scripts for an episode that will come closer to the end of the season and Malachai helped with that too.

UPDATE: I had posted that the episode airs at 9pm, but it is actually just past midnight at 12:15.

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20 thoughts on “SEASON TWO!

  1. I’ve been reading Axe Cop with my daughter since I saw a one paragraph review of the series in FHM magazine way before the first paper comic. We have been long time fans and absolutely love the world that Axe Cop exists in. The TV show is fantastic! Way to go guys! Congratulations on season 2!!!

  2. This looks so awesome, and I am so happy to know that I do have FXX on my tv so I can watch it. I also like that it’s on at 9:00 rather than at 11 or 11:30 at night–which wasn’t the problem–the real problem was when the show got delayed due to football, which then caused the news to come on late. Of course next week, I go on vacation, so I may have to check if Hulu will put up the new episodes.

  3. I’ve been so worried that this had gotten canceled having not hearing any news or update! This is literary the best news all week! Loved season one so much!!! Really hope this series gets renewed for multiple seasons in the future!

    Nick Offerman ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. I have no idea what gods or God or gODs or dogs I have to thank for this, but I felt that axe-cop not being a tv show was the stupidest thing since….. well every thing that was before axe cop. I am so, satisfied that the axe is back for the masses. Ps, I got this sexy friend with wexter tatted on her leg, look fo that shiz

  5. I really can’t stay up late enough to catch this on tv, but I did manage to find it elsewhere, and it really was great. This show is the next closest thing to The Tick. I’m currently rewatching the first season in celebration.

  6. So… FXX isn’t airing Season 2 yet, are they? Just Hulu?

    If that’s correct, will FXX air them? I have problems with Hulu.

  7. So is this airing on FXX? Or Hulu? Or both, or neither? FXX doesn’t seem to be airing it on my cable provider.

  8. I’m disappointed that Grey Diamond’s battle cry wasn’t “It’s my destiny to protect you.”

  9. Out of curiosity, whatever happened to Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein? Their writing was great! It really brought an awesome atmosphere to the show, keeping a perfect pace through the ten minute mash >:D

  10. The newest episode was amazing! Did you write this one, Ethan? I’m assuming with the mention of Bearmageddon and the term “husky guy” from the Nobody’s Listening podcast that this was you.

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