American Choppers Finale and an Update

So, I apologize that updates have pretty much ceased here.  For now, Malachai and I are out of new material.  I think it’s a good time for a break for both of us.  We have been putting out regular comics for nearly 5 years.  We just finished are 6th volume (which will be the American Choppers TPB) and Malachai is 10.  As some of you know, I got a pretty steady and demanding job working on the new Veggie Tales show for Dreamworks coming to NetFlix in December as a writer and story editor.  Between my job and my family, I’ve had to make some choices, and for now Axe Cop has taken a life of its own beyond the comics.

I hope to work on some more Ask Axe Cop episodes when I have time, and I would like to explore other possibilities to continue making Axe Cop stories down the road.  For now, with what little time I have to make comics, I am trying to get volume one of Bearmageddon finally done.  Axe Cop is not over yet, but I’m taking a break for a while.  For now, the American Choppers #1 and 2 are available in comic shops.  Number 3 gets released July 24th.

Thanks for following our work and being faithful to check the site for new material.  I love drawing Axe Cop and look forward to getting back to it after I take some time away.


P.S. No the TV show is not cancelled.  New episodes are being made right now and they are amazing.



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