A Day at the Beach

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So two days in a row we have our characters at the beach.  It was no intentional but at least the scenery is nice (and the backgrounds are easy)



I tried to get Malachai to give me more details on how the Moon Warriors would know that Axe Cop's axe can't chop off the Vampire Man Baby Kid's head, but he insisted this is just knowledge they already possess and no explanation is needed.  It's something everyone should know, sort of like that all mermaids are good guys.  I was hoping for a nice preliminary battle where Axe Cop tries to cut off VMBK's head, but it just won't come off and they have to give up.  I think this works just as well though, and it does show how the 6 year old prefers to get strtaight to the action, explanations be damned.   The older we get the more we want explanations.


There are currently 6 prints left in stock.  Just sayin'…


Also, if you didn't see them yet, we posted the new intro sequence for the upcoming Axe Cop motion comics on YouTube.  These guys have gone above and beyond the call of duty on these things, I can't wait for you all to see them.  Thanks for reading AXE COP!



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