Malachai’s First Tragedy

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Read the new Ask Axe Cop episode, but I warn you, you may need a box of Kleenex.



(don't read the rest of this blog til you read the episode) When Malchai gave me the answer to this question it was pretty priceless.  First he said no, Axe Cop didn't fight Mermaids, then he said, well, yes he did but he thought it was a bad guy.  By the time he made it through all his reasoning, he realized Axe Cop had killed a good guy.  He paused, then quietly said “he cried.” then after another pause… “that was a sad one.”  Of course, it's brilliant and it shows a new side to Axe Cop we have not yet seen… the tender side.  He hates evil, but his heart breaks when the innocent are killed, especially when he chops their head off.

15 prints left in the store!  It would be nice if they got bought up so we could ship them all out at once.  Thanks for reading.  The Moon Warriors story continues tomorrow.





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