Fire Dumptruck

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Just read Episode 11 before I give it all away.



I remember when Malachai told me about his “Fire Dumptruck” move on the phone.  I love how he just cuts straight to efficiency and just scoops all his enemies up and tosses them in the fire.  Of course then we are introduced to a “Carmation” which is “two secret attacks combined.”  He went into great detail on the carmation move, and I did my best to capture it without spending the next 12 episodes on it.

Stuff to look forward to… more motion comics are in the works.  Since posting that last motion comic a bad ass team of motion graphics wizards have joined my team (front kick checked out) and they are taking it to a whole new level (I was already amazed at what Dylan did with the first one).


Other than that?  I don't know.  I hope you didn't miss Axe Cop on a broom, defeating the entire world yesterday.   I decided to be random and post this episode at 3:30am.  I want to wake up and see how many people discovered it without me tweeting or posting anything on Facebook.  Enjoy!


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