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The day I drew and posted Ask Axe Cop 8, a star was born.  We found out that Axe Cop has a pet Tyranosaurus Rex named Wexter who has robot machine gun arms.  He breathes fire and has a super-duper fast bite.

There was an image in that episode that has had a greater response than any other image in an Axe Cop yet.  It is an image that, I didn't honestly even realize at the time, summed up manliness and the 5 year old boy's imagination all in one drawing… It was the image of Axe Cop riding Wexter to the moon to fight bad guys:

I decided I want to enlarge this image and color it.  Offer it as a desktop at the very least… so I enlarged the small drawing from the comic and had a friend spot color it real quick and dirty.

But I was not satisfied.  I wanted to print this thing into an awesome giant poster.  I wanted the full color to be glorious.  I wanted to take time and really go in there and detail this thing.  So I decided to blow it up, then totally re-ink it at a bigger size:

Here are some close ups, comparing the old and new versions.  First, Wexter's head:

Then Axe Cop…

Then the aliens…

And because I made this image longer (to fit poster size) I added a couple more aliens.  One taking a round in the chest:


So, my next step is to add solid color to the whole image (colorists call it “flatting”) then from there start shading, lighting and all that fun stuff.  I will keep blogging my progress so you can see how it is coming, then when it is ready it will be available as a desk top, and as a poster in the store. Coloring is not my specialty but I like to give it my best shot every once in a while.

If anyone reading this is an awesome colorist and ever wants to collab on something, I am always looking for someone who is good at coloring and likes doing it.





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