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Hey y'all,

First off, thanks for faithfully coming to and reading the comics, and for encouraging your friends to come.  The explosion of Axe Cop happened without the help of any publishers or commercials or promoters.  It was totally organic and word of mouth.

Of course, running a site with this traffic costs, and being able to create and produce these comics take up lots of time, so as you have noticed, we've finally got some ads up on the site.

The thing with having ads is this: you make more money where you have traffic steadily visiting your site every day.  The way we have been doing things, people come by in droves on the day the new episode is released, and many also come by when Ask Axe Cops are released.  The point is that to make the ads really work, we need to be putting up content daily.

So, I was looking at what I, a web-comic newbie, have been doing, and I have been releasing 3-page long episodes once a week on monday, then Ask Axe Cop half-pagers on wednesday and friday.  I realized that I could break that 3 pages up into three parts and release them one at a time.  It will feel different at first because you will not get the big long episodes you got before.  I will be numbering the epiodes differently too, by Episode, chapter and page.  But the point is that I will be releasing the same amount of content, but we will be able to pull more in from ad revenue this way.  I have learned since putting this site up that rule number one of a successful web comic is daily content, so I'm making the switch.

This is just to let you know we will be making this change starting tomorrow.  The new episode of the Moon Warriors will come out tomorrow around noon paciic time and it will be shorter then you are used to, but you will get 2 more pages, plus two ask axe cops throughout the week.  In the end, it gives you the same amount of content I have been shelling out, but it spreads it out.  There won't be new content on weekends but there wil be something new to see on the site 5 days a week (as long as Malachai is up for writing it that is.)

So that's what's new.  Look for the new episode of Axe Cop tomorrow.  The Moon Warriors touch down on earth. Will they get to be on Axe Cop's team?


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