Gone away to San Jose

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I'm about to leave for San Jose so I got the new episode up bright and early. 



If  you live anywhere near San Jose California you should come out to my gallery tonight at SLG's outiki gallery.  Lots of art will be on display with live music and good people. It is tonight from 8pm-11pm.  More info at the SLG website or here on Facebook.

Saturday I am doing a workshop for aspiring comic artists.  If you come to this I will give you a free “CHOP” president Axe Cop poster.  More info is here.


Also, for those of you who ordered a “Good VS. Bad” poster print, don't worry, they still haven't shipped.  They took a bit longer to print then expected and I have to singlehandedly sign, number, package and ship them all when they get here on top of everything else.  Thanks for being patient we'll get them out as soon as possible.


Off to San Jose!  Thanks for reading Axe Cop.  And don't forget…



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