Axe Cop’s movie collection

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So today we learn about the female addition to Axe Cop's team in Ask Axe Cop #14



In the first panel you can see Axe Cop's collection of home movies.  Here it is blown up:



that last one looks like 200 fight, but it says “Zoo fight.”

The story behind this Axe Cop episode is this.  One day I was talking to Malachai on the phone and he started telling me about some new charcters he was trying to read to me from a piece of paper.  My Dad started to read it for him and it became very obvious when he started to describe a fairy and a princess and all the jewelry and hairstyles they wore, that this was something Malachai's sister Megan had slipped him.  I told Malachai I need him to make up this stuff, so we put the piece of paper aside.

Weeks later I ask him if Axe Cop will ever have a girl on his team and he starts talking about the fairy from Megan's attempted plant.  He couldn't remember most of the details, so I told him to just make up his own fairy, and that is how we got the BFE (Best Fairy Ever).


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