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A couple weeks ago a web comics reviewer had a lot of trash to talk about Axe Cop.  I was actually somewhat relieved to finally see a completely negative review.  It was kind of validating.  I twittered the review and apparently he had a lot of backlash.  I did not intend for people to attack the guy but I still am not accustomed to having so many people reading my work.  But the guy in this review accused me of exploiting my little brother and that topic got raised on Twitter and in blog comments.  I remember this guy named Zac saying something about how he would like to hear me answer questions about certain topics having to do with how I get Malachai to keep writing and I said that was an interview I am willing to have with any one, and he said he would like to do it.  We finally got around to it today now that my cough has calmed down a bit on his A to Z Pod Cast.  I do apologize for the sniffling and coughs though.  Overall I think the interview went well and we seemed to cover some ground I have not covered in other interviews.  Thanks, Zac, and to any one who takes the time to listen.  Also, I think the guy at the negative review site has had plenty of response from offended Axe Cop fans, so please don't let this post start another torrent of hatemail for him. Here's the interview…




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