Axe Cop and Abe Lincoln: a Bromance

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Fair warning… this is a bizarre one (and that's saying something):


Actually, it's probbaly a romance.  Whatever it is, it is one of the most bizarre Axe Cop tales I have ever illustrated.   Also, it is unclear exactly where this fits into the Axe Cop timeline… if it is an alternate universe tale (sort of like LOST), a hypothetical, or the actual, ultimate end of Axe Cop's story (since his last tale of marriage to Sockarang technically was a hypothetical and he could change his mind before that jillion years comes to pass).  Whatever it is, this seems to solidify that Axe Cop has a thing for turning some of the ugliest dudes around into women then marrying them.  It will be on the day that Malachai looks at this comic in horror that we will know puberty has struck.  Or… well… we'l have to be prepared for anything I guess.


We've started writing chapter 3.  Probably going to take one more week of just Ask Axe Cop episodes before starting to put up the new episodes so I can get more of it written with Malachai.  Currently I am trying to think of a more interactive way to collaborate with him because I think the phone quiz method is tiring him out a little.  I am looking for some good collaboration software that we can use over the internet that is simple, visual, can involve pictures, drawing, text and is interactive and easy for a kid to grasp.  I may try Google Wave but if anyone has any ideas please send them my way.  I would be interested in developing some sort of flash based paint program that is for creating Axe Cop with Malachai.  Any flash programmers out there want to try to make something up?  I need ideas here.


Have an awesome weekend, I'll see you on Monday!



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