Ask Axe Cop Motion Comic is here!

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The bad news is I got set back quite a bit from the convention this weekend and the new episode for today is going to be postponed til Wednesday.  There will still be a new Ask Axe Cop out tomorrow… but the good news is this:  Ask Axe Cop motion comic #1 is out today, and it collects questions 1-3.

Thanks to Scott Fedor, Promo Scape, Dave DeAndrea and all the other guys involved in making this episode possible!  You'll get to hear another Nicolle brother in this episode.  Our brother Isaiah does the voice of Jeff and the hotel guy. 


Now, this is hilarious.  After you watch this video, listen to Dave DeAndrea losing it  trying to recite the lines of Axe Cop as he talks about eating only cake.  It's strange to hear Axe Cop cracking up.


Thanks to everyone who came by the booth at Wizard World in Anaheim this weekend.  This was honestly a very slow convention, but it was great to finally get out and meet some head choppers.  If you didn't notice, the home page has a new layout and there is now a section that lists appearances… I will be at the Calgary Entertainment Expo next weekend, so if you live near Calgary, come see me and Doug TenNapel at booth A 08.  The site does not say I will be there, but I promise you I will be.  I was sort of a last minute additon.


Please share the new video with everyone you know.  Episode 2, featuring Uni-Baby and Psydrozon is still in the works, as well as episode 3.  Thanks again to everyone who helped with these videos.  Please visit their web sites and support their businesses if you enjoyed the video, especially if you are in need of video or voice work. 


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