Battle Crying

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Today's episode of Ask Axe Cop is all about Battle Cries.



I forgot to mention that in Calgary they sat me right next to web comics legend Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics.  We had our own little spot, hidden down by the big Red Skull banners.  This is the guy who makes a living on a comic that uses the same set of panels every day, and I think they are clip art.  You could either scoff, or be amazed at the fact that he can pull that off.  See… I like to think it takes a special touch for me to make what I do out of Malachai's thoughts, but I know that there are other artist/writers who could do just as good, and some much better.  I think there are very few people who could look at the same 6 panels every day and write a new comic that entertaines an average audience of something like 80-90 thousand people.  Laser high five to Ryan North  Not only that, but he created Project Wonderful, which is the company that runs all the ads on this site, and it really is wonderful.  To illustrate even further the genius of Ryan North, he sold out of everything he brought the first day of the convention, so that night he went to Wal Mart and bought shirts, underwear and puffy paint and made another set of merchandise just writing snappy sayings onto cheap garmnets.  He almost sold out of all of those too.  He's like the MacGyver of the comic world.  He can't draw, but he dominates many who can.  Any time someone whines they can't be a success in comics because they have no drawing skillz, I will direct them Northward.


Other than that, I am excited for tomorrow, because we're going back to Baby Man.  For now I am going to keep alternating between the Baby Man and Lobster Man plots probably page by page.  We'll see.  There may be times when the Baby Man story gets a few continuous pages, because it is basically all written and there is a lot of room for me to play, so when the Hasta Mia/Lobster Man plot is lacking input from the boss, I can fill in the space with the Baby Man chase story.  I may lay the whole thing out differently whenever it all goes into a book, but for now a lot of it just depends on how much material I can get from talking with Malachai.


To those of you who have ordered sketches, I am REALLY SORRY it has taken so long for them to get to you.  I am going to try to get the rest of them done, packaged and shipped out by tomorrow.  Thanks for being patient.  To the rest of you… people basically stopped buying sketches when we switched to Topatoco.  Either people don't realize there is still a sketch shop here or you got spooked by the problems we had with the store.  Well, I can assure you we've taken care of the problem, but if you are worried about it, just pay using paypal- all that info is taken at Paypal's site and we don't get any of it.  If you want to talk about other methods of payment, custom sketches and requests, whatever… just send me an email.  I am flexible. 


Thanks for reading Axe Cop, see you tomorrow!


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