Another day, another duck chase

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We now bring you back to Baby Man chasing a duck, still in progress…



I know that this portion of the Axe Cop comic is way different from anything else we have done with Axe Cop so far, but to me it is a fun aside and the dialog-free, high intensity chase just seems to be the perfect atmosphere for Baby Man to show us his stuff.


We are working on getting some new things in the Topatoco store, as well as the art shop.  I got an art banner up art Topatoco and immediately got a few orders for sketches, so I guess there was just a lot of people who did not realize sketches are still available.  Yes… the AXE SHOP has been divided into two shops… everything I don't need to sell myself (stuff I do not draw or sign) is sold at Topatoco.  Sketches, prints and other things that I am more immediately involved with are sold in the Axe Cop Art Shop (which you will notice is now a secure site).  We need to make some alterations to the menu, but my web slave Anthony is in the process of moving this week, so until then I'll just hope for the best. 


I have also started a sketch section in the gallery.  If you have ever received a sketch from me either online or at a convention, scan it in and send it so I can show them off here.  Also, don't forget to check out the fan art, head choppers and pin ups.  If you have a submission for any of these, send them to I love to receive them.


Have a great day and watch out for ducks.



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