Girlfriends Can Be Evil

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Once again, Axe Cop does not mess around.



I am not sure if I got the recording of the phone call when Malachai answered this one, but the tone of his voice was so funny because he was so logical and serious… like “well, obviously, you need to check if she is being kind of strange”  “like how?”  “like… does she act like she wants to punch you?”.  I think what I love about Axe Cop is how borderline psycho he is… I mean, maybe he is over the line, but whatever.


I just got an email from a guy named Daniel who has a band called “Hooray for Gooba!” and he sent me a video of him performing an Axe Cop song.  I like it, I think he needs to get it in the studio, I want to hear the produced version.


That's all for today… tomorrow, well, I haven't yet decided if I will do another Baby Man page or switch back to the Hasta Mia story, but I'll have to decide soon.  See you then!


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