Hasta Mia, the search continues

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Hasta Mia and Fishy Fish!  Enjoy your Friday cliffhanger episode…



My brother Noah is visiting me this weekend.  He is about to ship off the Afghanistan, he's a Marine.  I'd like to tell him right here, thank you for your service Noah.  I was always way too much of a pansy to be a military guy.  Heck, I was too much of a pansy for gym class.  Please feel free to leave Noah some encouragement in the comments here if you would like to. 


This page was a lot of work.  This story is getting complicated, and so is the art.  I need Malachai to kill off a bunch of characters and stick them all in a white room for a few episodes so I can give my hand a rest.  Next week we will be doing our first holiday episode of Ask Axe Cop for Mother's Day, so look forward to that.  Plus, you will get two Baby Man chase pages since Baby Man falls on Monday and Friday next week.  'Til then, have an awesome weekend.



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