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Word up homies…

Ok so, to answer a few questions about today's episode first… yes, I stuck Jhonen V in for a cameo along with a few other comic artist friends who are a little less well known.  The bearded guy on the bench is my good friend Ryan Agadoni who is a comic superstar, he just hasn't put a book out yet.  The guy in the back with a bit of a beard is Josh Kenfield who has helped me with coloring on various projects and is also a swell guy.


And yes, the eggs are exploding.  I thought it would be self-evident but this is Axe Cop, anything could be happening. 


As for Calgary, if you plan on stopping by to see me I will be at booth 502, near the entrance.(I'll be off to the right when you come in the main entrance).  it looks like they stuck me in with the web comics guys.  I always used to avoid the web comics section so now I guess I have to shake hands and admit I have joined the club… and along with that admit web comics really are the future of comics I think, at least to some extent.  I had said I would be sharing a booth with Doug, but that was a misuderstanding, they actually gave me my own table. 


This morning when Doug and I went to the airport he tried to use an expired passport to get on the plane and it didn't work out.  So Doug had to stay home and find the right passport and I had to fly up to Canada all by myself.  I have to admit it was awesome having an open seat next to me on the plane.  I spread out and worked on Axe Cop's power struggle with Lobster Man. 


Oh yeah and if you were hoping to get one of those Wexter prints, as I mentioned, I won't have them, but I will have some other stuff and will be doing paper ink sketches for $15-20 (much lower than my online prices).  For more info on the Calgary Expo go to



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