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This is the first time I have done a two part Ask Axe Cop, but Malachai's answer was so long on this one it was meritted.  I scraped off all the extravegent details and got it down to two strips.  Here is the second one:



I If you want a deleted scene… the way Axe Cop acquired the Nintendo DS goes like this:  On the last day of his job, he killed a bad guy who had a jillion bucks.  He bought a Nintendo DS and every game.  Chronologically I don't know how this works, but there you go.


I am going to cram in and get tomorrow's page done since I will be on the plane to Canada tomorrow.  To those of you who might be seeing me there, just to let you know… that print I posted yesterday may not be available.  Jenny works outside when she screen prints, and there was rain for two days this week which messed things up.  I'll let you know as soon as I know if we will have them or not.  Not that it should change anything.  You should still visit my booth.


Until then… thanks for reading Axe Cop.


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