Chapter 3 begins!!!

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Head Choppers, your patience has paid off.  Chapter 3 has finally begun!



I have no clue where Malachai got the name “Hasta Mia”.  If you need a pronunciation, it sounds italian… hasta rhymed with Pasta, and Mia is like the girl's name.  Hasta Mia.  It's fun to say.


Now, I have something else awesome for you if you are anywhere near Calgary in Alberta, Canada.  I will be at the Calgary Entertainment Expo this weekend with my good friend Doug TenNapel (creator of Earthworm Jim, Catscratch, Creature Tech and a ton of other stuff).  



I will be bringing a new print I made of the “Axe Cop and Wexter VS. the Moon Bad Guys” image and selling it for the first time ever.  This print is limited to 100 and is a 2 color screen print by another good friend of mine, JR Goldberg who worked on Jelly Fist with yet another beloved friend, Jhonen Vasquez. 

Here is the print (click to enlarge)



If you are not going to the Calgary Expo, don't fret, these will be available online eventually.  And also, the full color print of this image is still in the works.  I still have some things on it I need to touch up but it is looking beautiful.  Lots of stuff to do!!  So stay tuned, tomorrow we continue with Axe Cops typical day, and on Friday we continue THE ULTIMATE BATTLE.



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