The Chase!

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I would rather not say a thing and just have you see today's episode totally clueless was to what you are in for:



There is a story behind this.  Back when Malachai was in his dry spell, I started to draw a page where Baby Man is chasing a duck.  All I had was the first 3 panels of this page.  He called me that day and gave me matrerial so I put the “Baby Man Chases a Duck” story idea on the back burner.  When he called me the other day and he was in hyper story mode, I brought up the idea.  I said “hey Malachai, so… I started drawing this page where Baby Man is chasing a duck.”  He paused, and then he started laughing really hard.  He asked why Baby Man is chasing a duck, and I said “i was going to ask you that.”  And so we wrote the Baby Man chases a duck story out, and it is epic… I can't wait to draw the rest of it.


Well I'll be on a flight to Canada when you read this.  it turns out those prints I was hoping to have for Clagary didn't get made, but I will still have stuff to sell, and I will do sketches at a lower rate then my online costs.  Other than that… I haven't really figured out how I will manage to get a new page done for Monday with all the running around I will be doing, but I am going to shoot for the stars and hope for the best.  Monday we're back to the lobster man scene.


Have a great weekend!


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