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Good Saturday Head Choppers!

This is just to announce that the AXE SHOP is passing on all it's shipping and customer service reposibilities to TOPATOCO, who is the leading merchandise fulfillment company in the web comics industry and I am excited to have them taking over. 



We had a little scare with the Axe Shop where some douche hacked in and got some people's info (don't worry, if he got you, you have already been contacted- it was only a handful of accounts).  This freaked us all out, but especially my friends who have been running the store.  On top of that, it has just been a ton of work.  I'm glad to be lifting that burden off of them, and I think we all win in this situation.  Your orders will get to you faster, I will be able to make a lot more merchandise now, including stickers, hoodies, buttons and more… and I will still be selling custom sketches and limited edition prints from the Axe Cop (now) sketch and print shop.  We will be releasing some new limited edition prints soon too, so watch out for that.

If you have an order you have not yet received, don't worry, it is still on it's way.  If you are worried about your order and don't know who to contact you can just use the contact information on this site.  Thanks to everyone who has bought merch from the AXE SHOP, I hope you'll migrate over to the new store and stay tuned for a lot more merchandise in the near future.



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