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Yesterday's Ask Axe Cop about Axe Cop's rock band was an instant favorite.  Tim Wille, a devoted fan of Axe Cop put together this audio from a live performance of the concert portrayed in that episode.  It's hilarously well done, and though I agree with him that his vocals do not sound like what I would imagine Axe Cop's singing voice would sound like, the intro section alone is worth listening to and I laughed my way through the whole thing.  You can check it out here.


If it wasn't obvious, a lot of the inspiration for this came from Malachai's only exposure to rock bands, and that is the game Rock Band for the Wii which I bought our sisters for Christmas.  He loves the song Ring of Fire and whenever we listen to my iPod he asks me to play it, sometimes over and over.  Our 12 year old sister Megan could almost be given a co-author credit on this one, she kept reccomending songs and Malachai would “axe copify” them.  In fact, I think it was her idea to make Baby Man be the dancer.


Speaking of Baby Man, tomorrow we learn more about the mysterious rug cutter in the continuation of his subplot.  See you then.




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