Axe Axe Axe!

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Today is a great day.  Today we release the Micharl Maher painting print and we find out if Axe Cop has ever been in a band in Ask Axe Cop #36:



And now, I know a lot of you have been waiting for this one, so here it is.  We are now offering the Axe Cop painting by Michael Maher in the Axe Shop.  We are offering 25 signed by Malachai and I as Axe Cop's creators.  I realize it would be great to get the artist to sign this, but it's not really within our means to make that happen, sending prints all over the US, packing and unpacking them would become kind of a mess.  So if you really want yours signed by Michael you can probably try to catch him at a convention.  This is a very beautiful painting and will look awesome framed on anyone's wall.


If things go as planned we will be doing Chop Cast #5 tonight.  Stay tuned.  More Baby Man revelations on Friday, and the story Malachai and I are working on now… I can't wait til you read it.



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