I Love Being Famous

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Today Malachai and I were signing Wexter prints with silver sharpies and he said “I love being famous.  Do you love being famous Ethan?”  What made it so funny is that he really doesn't know what fame is, he just liked writing his name in the cool marker on the prints.  To him that was enough awesomeness right there.  After we finished signing and I packed all the prints up, I finished today's episode…



On wednesday, if all goes as planned, we will be releasing the second full color Axe Cop print in the Axe Cop Art Shop.  It will be the Michael Maher painting pictured below. 


Like the Wexter print, we will be offering a limited amount signed.  We will only offer 25 up front, but the signed edition will cap at 100.  But to not wear Malachai out we are doing them in sets of 25.  So while your print may be numbered #2 of 100, #50 of 100 may never be made… it just depends how much Malachai is willing to do.  So keep your eyes on the store for that and I will announce it when the prints are made available.


I am looking forward to the Ask Axe Cop coming out on Wednesday… “Has Axe Cop Ever Been in a Rock Band?” 



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