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If you have not yet listened to the CHOP!, I want to let you know we have adopted it as the official Axe Cop pod cast and I have decided to become a regular part of the show- this week's episode featured an appearance by Malachai and I.  But first, today's comic episode brings us new information about Baby Man…


So, back to CHOP.  Here is the situation:  the downloads have not been real substantial on the show, and if they don't pick up over the next few episodes we will have to chop its head off.  We have different things we want to try on it, but the main thing we are using it for is as sort of a commentary on the comic itself.  James and John discuss the comic as fans and I chime in and reveal some of the inside baseball and how different things came about.  It's a lot of fun.  We also plan on doing some contests where you could win a signed Wexter print or become one of the background stand in characters on an Axe Cop page.


If you have listened and have suggestions, feel free to send them our way.  I think that if you are genune Axe Cop fan this show is a lot of fun.  So please subscribe on iTunes or go to the site and give it a listen.  Last Wednesday's episode featured anappearance by Malachai himself:



We have more work to do on CHOP and most of that I am leaving up to James and John because I have comics to draw, but I hope you'll give CHOP a listen, and become a fan on Facebook.  If you enjoy CHOP and have friends who like Axe Cop, please spread it around and share it. 


Remember we are on a M-W-F schedule now with pages.  I am looking forward to next week's Ask Axe Cop.  See you Monday!



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