Together Again

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It's good to be back to the birthplace of Axe Cop.  It's been harder to get work done, but here is a new page for you… thanks for being patient during the transition.



I wish I could give you more details about the purpose of the trip, but it I will say it is to work on an epic Axe Cop story.  My brain is a little drained right now (as it usually gets when I get up here… I am not used to the environment, my 6 year old brother, 12 and 13 year old sisters all battling for attention… it's exhausting).  I will still have to strategize to get Malachai's brain open.  In general I have been bribing him by trading him Axe Cop writing time for time playing games on my iPod Touch.  I am pretty sure it's the chainsaw in Zombieville on my iPod that inspired the chainsaw in Chapter 2 of Axe Cop.  Whatever happens, we have an big month ahead of us.  With any luck I will get Malachai on the Axe Cop podcast soon.  Thanks for keeping up.


So, my plan is to try to do a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule with an Ask Axe Cop usually falling on Wednesday.  Today I didn't have any Ask Axe Cop material, and I felt the story had been on hold long enough, so I did a story page.  Expect a messy month, since writing time with Malachai takes priority over everything, I'll do my best to keep it on schedule, but my number one goal is to write an epic with Malachai.  I love this kid!




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