Go-Kart Battle

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Axe Cop in a go-kart… it's like mario kart but with more killing.



Keep your eye on the downloads page.  I don't have time right this minute, but later today their will be Wexter desktops available for download… and I will have some widescreen resolution files as well.


In case you missed the announcment yesterday, we have the new Wexter Print available in the store.  The signed prints sold out already… and most of the people who bought them got a hell of a deal because we screwed up on the pricing… pricing everyone for a 14×24 print when the prints are actually 23×40.  We actually had the price way wrong when the very first guy ordered and he got a $35 off.  Ah well… learning to be a web merchant takes time and mistakes.


Anyway, if you haven't read the last couple blogs, I am heading off to Washington this weekend to start a big new Axe Cop project with Malachai.  We are going to work together in person for a month, so expect a lot of goodies from us and some more videos.  This will be my first visit since that fateful Christmas when we made up Axe Cop.  The effect this trip will have on the current strip is this… there will be no axe cop strip tomorrow or Monday.  Once I get set back up and in the swing of things up in Washington I will try to put out two episodes and one Ask Axe Cop a week (mon, wed, fri).  You will get less Axe Cop for a while, but it's all for more down the road. 


Good job tricking the bad guys!!



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