The Power of the ‘Stache

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This episode of Ask Axe Cop, I must say, was a lot of work.  It seems like this strip just gets more and more complicated.  Today one of the most popular questions sent to us is answered… does Axe Cop's mustache have any powers?


I'd be interested to see, if Axe Cop is ever made into a live action film, how they would show Axe Cop removing a golden axe from his face hole.  Until then you just have to imagine it.


Oh and I should mention that “extroy” is how Malachai says “destroy.”  And when he says “destroyed” he says “extroyded.”  So it's not a typo.  It's canon.


I don't have a lot to say today, but plenty to do.  Working on getting some new prints available in the sketch and print shop.  We also have some new merch in the works with Topatoco including a hoodie, a new shirt, buttons and a sticker set.   So… stay tuned as usual.  Thanks for reading Axe Cop!



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