The Origin of Lobster Man

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Lobster Man is Hasta Mia's brother?? How did that happen?  Find out now:



What I love abou this origin story is how similar it is to archetypal hero origins, just with ridiculous props.  You have the parents, but they are German Shepherds.  You have the maguffin:  a lobster.  You have Cane and Abel, the obedient and the rebellious child.  It's so dramatic and dark, and yet so whimsical and silly at the same time. 


Now, I I could be getting a call from Al Sharpton… I have a character who is black who is the offspring of a dog and his name is Koko.  Honestly, Malachai came up with those plot points after the character was designed and whatever Al Sharpton would read into that, my brother definitely did not.  He thinks being half dog would be awesome, he picked the name because he thinks it's awesome.  Besides, I would have no issue if a pasty white guy resembling myself was the offspring of rats and his name was Vanilla McGee.  Who cares.  I think we can all agree the whole skin color issue is so ridiculous, I'd rather not even talk about it. 


Onto lighter fare… did you notice we added a downloads page under the “Extras” section on the menu?  Here you will find desktop wallpaper and icons for free.  Keep your eyes on this page, I will add other fun free stuff from time to time.


I would also like to give a special mention here.  They have been the company who has hosted and they have been very generous, helpful and are big Axe Cop fans too.  You'll see their ad at the top center of the home page.  If you need bandwidth, we highly recommend them and would like to thank them for helping us as we went from being a tiny insignificant web site to a site that generates steady large amounts of traffic. 


Tomorrow we will bring you a specil Mother's Day edition of Ask Axe Cop.  See you then!



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