Back in Business!

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After 2 weeks of doing other stuff, I'm back on the cop!  Episode 41 awaits…



Thanks again to all the guest artists who gave us something to read while I was driving 1300 miles, taking my sister all over So Cal and doing whatever else I did that I can't remember.  It sure didn't feel like 2 weeks.  Now that I am back in the saddle, San Diego comic con is upon me like a plague of mosquitos.  I have a lot to get done so I have stuff to sell at Comic Con this week, but my goal is to release 5 episodes this week.  I want to reward you for your patience.  Chances are they will all be normal episodes.  I don't currently have new material from Malachai for Ask Axe Cop.  If we can get on the phone soon we may be able to work that out, but right now my plan is, at least for the next couple days, just episodes.  This will help the story move a little faster anyway. 


So stay tuned, and if you will be at San Diego comic con I'm letting you know now that there will be some suprises and I will have some cool stuff for you to buy.  I will be sharing Doug TenNapel's booth, which I do not have the booth number for yet, but when I get it I will let you know.  Thanks again for letting me have some time off and I look forward to getting on with the Ultimate Battle!



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