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Today I'm dumping 5 guest episodes on you.  I know I shouldn't be wasteful and I could save them for later… but I figured I might as well just post them.  There were a lot of people who wanted to do a guest strip and didn't get to, so I am sure I can get more next time I need them (like during San Diego Comic Con for instance…)


So, in no particular order (except numerical) I present five guest episodes.  First, this episode about a Snake Axe:



brought to you by Shawn Williams.  Check him out hither…



The next one is abour ninjas and pirates and claims it is by a 6 year old and 79 year old.



check out more from the Two Lumps crew:



Next, Sebastian Ringuette brings us…



If you liked that Wumpus, here is more:



Next… one about Team Attacks



this one is brought to you by this guy…



And last, but not least… I would have to say that this is the worst drawn, but the funniest of all the guest strips.  It reads like a real Axe Cop episode, probably because it is written by a 4 year old.  You may be inclined to skip it for the stick art, but give it a try, trust me.



Those guys just made it for fun, they don't have a web comic, but maybe they should.  Thanks for reading and supporting these other artists.  Axe Cop returns next week in full swing!  See you then.




PS – there were a couple guest strip submissions that I didn't feel really fit Axe Cop so I didn't post them up.  In general I am pretty lenient, but if your strip had to do with things 5 year olds in general do not think about at all (like alcohol, girls, etc.) that's why I didn't run it.

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