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Baby Man's hunting trip continues today at the Candy Shop!



My Dad revealed to me with a sort of interventional spirit that this Baby Man story was not interesting at all as if by embarking on it I was causing the once great Axe Cop kingdom to fall to pieces.  Of course then I explained where it was headed and he seemed to have more appreciation.  He, like a few others, have asked if Axe Cop will ever be in “the Ultimate Battle” story.  Somehow I think some people are totally missing the Hasta Mia storyline happening every other page.  This story has been evenly split between two converging tales… one is more traditional Axe Cop, the other is this silent, somewhat creepy Baby Man story.  Some don't like both, some do.  I like both.


In case you missed it, the Axe Cop podcast recorded another episode on Wednesday.  You should give it a listen or download it on iTunes.  Thanks to everyone who called in, sent in emails or joined us live in the chatroom.  Also, thanks to James and John for faithfully making this podcast happen, it is a lot of fun and I enjoy it more and more every week.  We record every Wednesday at 7pm Pacific time.



If you haven't been a member of our forum, now is the time to join.  James from the podcast started one of the best threads yet… the Axe Cop graveyard thread.  Here are a few of my favorites so far:

There is plenty more where that came from.  Check out the thread in the forum to join in the fun.

This last bit of news will be a bit of a bummer for you guys, but I am going to take the week off next week.  I would like to thank all of you, especially those who have bought stuff from the Axe Shop or the Topatoco store for giving me the opportunity to spend a month playing with my little brother.  We had so much fun together.  I leave on Monday to head home and I am taking my 13 year old sister Kaitlyn with me.  Her and I are going to have a So Cal adventure for a week and I want the time to spend with her, not on Axe Cop comics.  So I hope you'll grant us this week off.  Once I come back from that week off I will probably go back to the 5 comics a week structure.  I was hoping to be able to give you more details about what this trip was for, but that will have to wait until we can make the official announcment.  Thanks for the support and again… making it my job to sit and imagine crazy scenarios with my 6 year old brother.  This kid is so dear to me and it's such a treat to get to be such a part of his life.  Usually one has to work, so he doesn't have time to play… but playtime has become my job.


So, I'll see you in a week.  If anyone wants to send me any Axe Cop fan art or comics I will post them in the blog over the week to at least keep some sort of content going up.  Send them to  Happy weekend!



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