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I mentioned on Twitter that I would be up for posting some Axe Cop guest comics by other web comics artists during the visit with my sister.

I won't have time to individually email everyone who is responding because I will be on the road and finishing up my trip… if you want to submit a comic, just follow these guidelines:

1.  No swearing

2. No sexual humor.

3. Violence is OK, but try to keep it in the same style as Axe Cop… not gory, think 5 year old violence, not 19 year old violence.


I will not be supplying you with any material from Malachai.  You can use ideas from your childhood, for a 5 year old in your life… or just make something up.  Have fun with it.  Mail your guest comic to and please include a link to your own web comic and a banner for it.  You can include an explanation of your comic too if you want.  I will post them in this blog area and I will link them on Facebook and Twitter and I will add any contributer to the links on our “Friends of Axe Cop” links list under “Extras” in the menu.


Banners should be no more than 600 px wide.  There really is no deadline, but the best time to get me these would be the first few days of next week.  My sister actually flies back home on the 24th, so I will have a tough time creating new content until then.  I don't want to take more than a week off, but even if you don't get it to me by next week I can post it in the blog later or save it til next time I need a guest strip.


I look forward to seeing what people come up with.  This will also be a good way to get to know some other web comics people… I have not had the chance to get to know many of you yet, I dove into this thing pretty quick. 


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