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I am really messing with your heads.  I said yesterday that today you would get a new Ask Axe Cop.  Well, I lied.  I instead have the next page of the Baby Man sub plot in episode 43, continung directly from yesterday's page.



There seems to be a perpetual misunderstanding going on with readers about the Baby Man story.  It is not a separate story.  It is a subplot of the Lobster Man/zombie story.  Part of the confusion probably just comes from the nature of the comic.  It is easier for me to get content up at a more even rate if I have these two different subplots going at the same time (which will converge eventually).  It gives Malachai breathing room and helps me switch topics when one idea is boring him.  If we all held to his attention span Axe Cop would have ceased to exist probably an hour or two after he made the idea up.  What keeps it moving is finding ways to keep him focused, but having fun… that is my job.  I have found this to be a very effective way, to have two plots going.  In a paper book I probably would not make every page alternate between stories (and I broke that chain today by posting two Baby Mans in a row).  When the real book comes out I will probably put each subplot into more natural bunches.  If the format really bugs you, just wait for the book. 

I also keep getting asked if Malachai wrote the Baby Man story.  YES!!  The Baby Man story is as Axe Cop as any other story we have told.  It is just told without narration, so it is a different style.  If you really want an idea of what the Baby Man story is… most of the rest of it was written while Malachai and I were playing on a playground together.  If you imagine Baby Man and Baby Kid as him and I, it may start to make more sense…  for what that can really mean in this case.


I did an interview with “X and O on the Subway”.  Interviewer Alex Jones does sort of a cut and paste comic with an image of his interviewee being interviewed by an X and an O on a subway train, as well as by random riders (who symbolize reader questions).  Be warned that X and O do use some crude words and phrases, but other than that I felt it was a fairly unique interview.  Read it here.


Now… why did I postpone Ask Axe Cop?  Last night Malachai and I talked and came up with a massive two-part 4th of July episode of Ask Axe Cop.  I figured it would be most fitting if I let that episode be the last thing you read as you headed into your Independence Day weekend, so I am releasing part one tomorrow and part 2 on friday.  Each is a full sized episode.  I apologize in advance to our British audience… but I can't wait to show you Axe Cop's 4th of July special.  See you tomorrow!



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