The 4th is Upon us Like the Pox!

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I have been working hard on this episode all day, amidst a quick computer meltdown (luckily made a relatively quick recovery) I am excited to present to you part one of a two part 4th of July edition of Ask Axe Cop!



If you didn't listen to last night's CHOP, listen to it after you read that episode up there because it was a lot of fun.  You will hear us mention a new contest, going on in the forum.  The prize?  You could die in a future episode of Axe Cop, much like James and John of CHOP did in yesterday's exploding car scene.  We will announce the winnder on CHOP in two weeks (James is busy next week) so if you think you are up to win, you better listen in.


Alright, I need to finish part two of this thing so it comes out sooner than 6pm tomorrow.  Happy Die Day Red Coats!!




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