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It's a big day here at Axe Cop laboratories.  First you get to find out what the old fashioned way that nobody knows is in episode 45 of Axe Cop!:



Now, something we have all been waiting for a long along time… Axe Cop motion comic Episode TWO is now here!


The guys who worked on this all did it for free.  We had a lot of trouble with this episode because we had one guy start it and he disappeared on us after months of waiting, so we had to redo the whole thing after it was near completion.  New to the team this time around is the guys from Promo Scape who did those awesome Title and credits sequences and all the animation.  We also got Carl Sondrol who regularly does the sound and scoring for videos on CollegeHumor.com.  These guys all did amazing work and I'm really happy to finally release this video.  If you find yourself in need of any of their services, please look these guys up:

Animation/ Production by Promo Scape

Promo Scape is:
Animation: Glenn Cooney
Title and Credits: Donald Lim
Producer: Tony Laughton

Score and Sound Design by Carl Sondrol

Narrator: Bob Souer

Axe Cop: David DeAndrea

Flute Cop: Lee Gordon

Telescope Gun Cop: Marcus Irvine

Axe Cop theme song by Step Dad

Additional Photoshop Editing by
Dylan Marvin
Kate Welch
Jason McElhinney

If you are interested in helping out with Axe Cop motion comics, send me an email and a link to your work online.  Thanks again to these guys for their great work, please take a moment to leave a comment here (oronthe YouTube page) and thank them for this gift.

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