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I know I talked about a “Axe Cop Presents” idea a while back where other people send in stories from their kids and I draw them.  Well, this is NOT that.  This is a story I had sitting in my notes Malachai and I came up with during play time that was a break from Axe Cop.  He said “no Axe Cop today, I want to play something else”.  He wanted to play “Jack and John: Zombie Vampire Killers.” 


And so we did, and I made all the notes I could along the way and crammed it into this first episode of “Axe Cop Presents”.  I will do these sporadcally from time to time when we have material for them when I don't have a lot of Ask Axe Cop material built up.  So you get this instead of Ask Axe Cop today.  I hope you like it…



Also, Zero Dean posted his short audio interview he did with me.  Zero runs a web site where he travels the USA and lets his trip be altered and planned by the fans on his site (he also happens to be the guy who took those swell photos of Malachai and I).  You should check him out even if you are sick of interviewswith me in them.


And that's that… Thurday and Friday it's back on with Baby Man!  See you then.


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