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So, today's big news is that I finally get to publicly announce that Axe Cop is now officially a Dark Horse comic!  More on this after you read today's page:



So, if you haven't read it yet, you need to read the interview Malachai and I did with Comics Alliance now!  It was a lot of fun and we finally got the chance to announce that Axe Cop will indeed be printed into a book by possibly the coolest publisher in comics, Dark Horse!  I mean… come on.  The GOON, Hell Boy, Sin City… I get to be in some pretty rad company here.  Laser high fives all around today.  If you will be at San Diego or New York Comic Cons, you can pick up the “Axe Can” we will be handing out, which will be the first printed Axe Cop book ever.  It's a miniature comic with 16 pages of Axe Cop favorites:

To be clear on what the future holds… the first 3 chapters of Axe Cop (chapter 3 is the current storyline) and the first 50 or so Ask Axe Cop episodes will be collected into a book due out in December (publishing to paper takes quite a bit longer than publishing to a web page), and then not long after that, an exclusive to print, full color 3-part miniseries will be released thru Dark Horse.  Yes, that means there will be Axe Cop content that is not free and that you have to go to a comic shop or order online to buy.  But fret not, the online comic will continue.  I will probably have to take a break after chapter 3 concludes, and while we are doing the miniseries I will go back to a 2 or 3 updates a week on the website… but this is an exciting opportunity, and besides… I gotta get paid, and print comics truly are where my heart is at and I look foward to putting Axe Cop into that format.


So, on we go… the Axe Cop train has yet to slow down!  Thanks for reading and for staying aboard.


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