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Not a lot of panels, but a lot happening in today's page…



Now I have a little public apology here.  Last week in the comments on one of the blogs, an Axe Cop reader named Keisha brought up some PC issued she had with the movie Scott Pilgrim and I kind of went off on her.  It's a subject I am a little bit passionate about and it had been kind of building up in me, and I sort of took it out on her.  I do need to be more sensitive to people when they are sensitive about things that I am not sensitive about.  Keisha, I apologize because I know you didn't come to to get lectured by me.  Anyway, Keisha was saying she feels under-reresented in modern culture because she is bi-south asian and female.  Now, I am not going to lie and say that she should keep her chin up and expect a bunch of movies with heroes that fit that description… but I did do my part.  Among the zombie world heroes I have included… Keisha:



Tomorrow, watch as she punches off some doody soldier's head.  Of course, now people are going to think that if they can get me to go off on them I will draw them into the comic.  This is the last one.  You have to be more creative than that.



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