Things are about to get ULTIMATE

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I have been working on the final pages for the Axe Cop book all weekend and just turned them in at 5am this morning.  I was so relieved I almost forgot to post today's page:



You can consider this finale week.  Thursday will be the last episode, then I'll take a bit of a break, then we'll start posting intermittent new Ask Axe Cop episodes and start a new story.  I was thinking it might be kind of fun to do a special “fill in the gaps” series where I take the top ten biggest questions Axe Cop fans have about plot holes in Axe Cop, and I can go over them with Malachai and fill them in.  If you have ideas for plot holes you would like to see filled (like, when did Axe Cop really get his axe?) let me know.



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